Don’t Let a Criminal Conviction Ruin Your Future

Don’t Let a Criminal Conviction Ruin Your Future

Rely on our Madison, WI criminal defense attorney

Whether you were charged with disorderly conduct or a drug crime, you’ll have effective representation throughout your case if you bring it to Ryan Frank Law Offices.

Our Madison-based attorney has defended numerous Wisconsin residents against a range of criminal charges, including:
  • Traffic violations defense
  • Drug crimes defense
  • Property crimes defense
  • DUI defense

Our attorney can handle any criminal case – regardless of severity or complexity. Schedule a free consultation with Ryan Frank Law Offices right away by calling 608-467-3193.

Committed to standing up for your rights

We understand how confusing and intimidating the legal process can be. That’s why we’re dedicated to being by your side at every step of your criminal case. In addition to defending against a variety of criminal charges, we can also represent you in landlord/tenant disputes and personal injury cases.

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